Grandparents of Children Whose Parents Were Never Married Have Standing to Seek Partial Custody in Pennsylvania

“Standing” is the ability of a person to bring an action in court. Not just anyone can pursue custody of a child in Pennsylvania. Standing is limited to parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, and those who stand in loco parentis. Before Pennsylvania’s new Child Custody Act became effective in 2011, grandparents could seek partial custody of […]

Drunk Driving and Other Crimes Can Impact Child Custody Rights in Pennsylvania

For any person who has pleaded guilty, pleaded no contest, or was convicted of drunk driving (regardless of the state, whether the incident involved a child, or the date), and is seeking custody of a child, his or her crime will be considered by the court. Importantly, the court will not only consider drunk driving […]

Pennsylvania’s Child Custody Relocation Law

For any proposed relocation, which is defined as “a change in a residence of the child which significantly impairs the ability of a nonrelocating party to exercise custodial rights,” either every person with custody rights to the child must consent or a court must approve it. Notice The party proposing a relocation must notify every […]

Disposition of Tenants’ Abandoned Personal Property

In September 2012, a new Pennsylvania law will go into effect that sets out the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants concerning maintenance and retrieval of personal property left behind by tenants. The law requires that tenants remove all personal property once they have “relinquished possession” of their rented premises. Possession is relinquished when […]

Pennsylvania’s Child Custody Laws for Deployed Military Parents

With recent legislation that was unanimously passed by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Senate and went into effect in June, SB 1167, Pennsylvania is now among the growing number of states in the nation granting extraordinary child custody rights to deployed military parents. For several years, states, including Pennsylvania, have been enacting laws in […]

Restricted Child Custody Does Not End a Parent’s Duty to Pay Child Support

The amount that a parent pays in child support may be increased or decreased if either party proves a “material and substantial change in circumstances.” Examples of such a change include a new child support guideline amount, a variation in finances, or a change in a child’s needs. Child support orders may also be terminated […]