These are family law cases decided by the Superior Court of Pennsylvania since January 1, 2018. Published opinions are in blue; unpublished/non-precedential decisions are in red.

January 2018


Odgers, C. v. Odgers S.


L.M.S. v. M.S.S.

L.M. v. D.W. v. L.L.W. and S.J.W.

T.C.S. v. B.L.S.

H.M. v. R.M.-R. 

K.H. v. J.D.-T

Custody Relocation

M.J.(E.)G. v. D.M.E.

D.D. v. A.R.(D.) 

D.D. v. C.T. 


Berthold, D. v. Berthold, K.

D.C.S. v. P.R.

Belczyk, J. v. Cunningham, J. 

M.M.F. v. V.A.F.


In the Interest of: J.P., a Minor

Mastronardo, J. v. Mastronardo, M.  and (Concurring and Dissenting Opinion)

In Re: C.S., a Minor 

In Re: B.B., Appeal of: M.D.W., Father

In the Matter of: R.W. A Minor Appeal of: W.C.C.B.

P.S.M. v. A.R.M.