An appeal is not an opportunity to try a case again; it does not involve presentation of witness testimony or evidence. It is a request to a higher court to change the decision of a lower court, which requires the filing of an appellate brief containing legal argument.

The ability to write an effective appellate brief that is persuasive and concise is paramount in any appeal. This requires thorough legal research and strong legal writing and analytical skills. Knowledge of the rules of appellate procedure is also critical when handling an appeal.


If you wish to appeal a decision, Vodzak Law will perform an objective and thorough evaluation of your case for a flat legal fee to determine if an appeal is viable. If we conclude that the case has merit, and you wish to retain us for the appeal, then the payment for the evaluation will be applied toward the legal fee for the appeal.

If you are defending a decision because the opposing party has appealed, an in-depth evaluation is not necessary.


The cost of an appeal cannot be determined before an evaluation. A number of factors are considered, including the size of the record, whether you are initiating or defending the appeal, and the complexity of the issues. Vodzak Law makes every effort to charge flat legal fees for appeals.


The time to pursue an appeal is limited, even more so when the subject of the appeal is a child. Please see the page on Children’s Fast Track Appeals.

If you want to appeal a court decision, or if the opposing party has appealed, contact Vodzak Law now to request legal representation.

Important: Vodzak Law does not handle criminal appeals.